College Consulting For A Brighter Future.

Ivy Tutor is your personal mentor leading you and your student through the college admissions process.

We maximize your student’s chances of being accepted into the colleges or universities of your choice.

Ivy Tutor college advisors know the ins and outs of the application process and understand what colleges are looking for.

College Consulting

Ivy Tutor works with high schoolers to ensure they are giving the best chance possible to get into their dream college or university. The aim of the applications process is to leverage the students’ grades, tests scores, extracurricular participation and any other noteworthy elements in a way that compels admissions officers to accept the student. College admissions advising can offer benefits at every stage of the college journey. For parents who reach out during the 9th grade or earlier, Ivy Tutor can help create a winning narrative.

Later in the process, Ivy Tutor advisors can help guide parents and students through all steps of the college applications process: college selection, college admissions writing and review, college application guidance, college
application follow-up, and . At each step, Ivy Tutor advising carefully considers not only what colleges should want in a student but the incentives that often guide their final decisions.

Services listed as a part of the College Advising Journey are available as a singular package, or a la carte, depending on the needs of your student.

The College Journey Timeline

High School Planning | Taking Advantage of the Early Start
8th – 10th Grade

Ivy Tutor gives parents and students a path to high school and collegiate success. We evaluate your student’s class selection, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, and curate a narrative that will intrigue college admissions representatives. By creating a focused pathway, we can begin to build a narrative that puts your student at an advantage.

College Selection | Choosing the Right Universities
Spring 11th Grade – Fall 12th Grade

We match parents and students with colleges and universities, offering an array of options, from safety schools to reaches. Ivy Tutor ensures that students apply to a range of schools that compliment their academic pursuits, extracurricular interests, personality, and goals. By selecting appropriate schools, students and parents will have the right options for a brighter future.

College Admissions Essay Writing & Review | Crafting a Compelling Narrative
Summer Before 12th Grade

The college entrance essay shares a student’s story. More importantly, it tells college admissions officers how a student will benefit the university. Ivy Tutor evaluates a student’s unique qualities and then crafts a central narrative that appeals to the interest and curiosity of even the most cynical of admissions officers. Every student has a story to tell that can change “maybe” into “accepted!” We help tell that story.

College Application Guidance | Skillfully Shaping an Exemplary Application
Fall 12th Grade

College applications demand careful attention to detail. Making the right choices on an application can have a major impact. Ivy Tutor advisors are attuned to the considerations that influence college admissions decisions. We also bring our essay writing guidance to assist with college-specific supplemental essays. A college advisor will be with you every step of the way.

College Application Follow-Up Guidance | Demonstrating Continued Interest
Spring 12th Grade

Should your student be placed on the waitlist or in the regular decision pool (upon being rejected from the early decision pool), Ivy Tutor advisors will guide students on the next steps to take. Ivy Tutor evaluates your student’s performance since a waitlist or regular application pool deferral was received and investigates ways to improve their chances of earning admission.

Preparing for College
Summer Before – Fall of Freshman Year of College

Once students are accepted, their new journey begins. It’s important that they are placed on a path to success. Ivy Tutor college advisors help prepare students for an unfamiliar environment that is beset with obstacles and challenges. Students will receive counseling that steers them away from costly mistakes that college students commonly make and offers them the guidance that ensures college success.

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Sara M.

12th Grade Student