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No other single factor is more important to college acceptance than SAT or ACT scores.

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I’m thrilled! I got into the school of my dreams, Loren Ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor.

– Sara M, 12 grade student

Entrance Exams

At Ivy Tutor, we understand that when you hire us, you are putting the weight of your child’s future on our shoulders, and we take this responsibility very seriously. That’s why in all phases of test preparation, Ivy Tutor has a singular goal: raise students scores as high as is possible. That is why we consider ourselves results focused. From end to end every decision we make is in the service of making sure our students are put in the best possible position to gain admittance into the school of their choice.

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SAT & ACT Tutoring

Ivy Tutor offers unparalleled SAT and ACT tutoring. We set up a tutoring regimen, tailored to students’ levels, personalities, learning style and schedule.

All SAT and ACT packages begin with a diagnostic evaluation conducted by a lead tutor. This evaluation session ensures that we provide the most effective tutoring plan and pair the student with a tutor who matches his or her learning style and personality.

Every Ivy Tutor session is results-oriented. We make the most of the tutor’s presence by assigning the necessary practice and homework beforehand. Ivy Tutors do not supervise practice: they teach.

When ready, students are invited to join us for a free and unlimited practice test.

These practice tests are test day simulations and offer real past exams in a classroom environment. The practice tests eventually constitute the bulk of students’ “homework.”

The reason the Ivy Tutor approach is superior is that it combines exam preparation practice with continual diagnosis and feedback. Our tutors analyze every exam, looking for improvement opportunities.


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